• Online + On-Demand

    Media Production

    For Students + Schools

    Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees (BA, MA)

  • Professional Online Media Production Training Qualifications

    • production skills for employment
    • create meaningful content
    • employment experience with charitable organizations
    • mentored education with media professionals
    • committed to student success, through a faith-based perspective

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    You want to be creative and make media?

    • You need training.
    • Employers want your skills.
    • Film/Media school is expensive and means leaving your job and home.
    • We work with Christian Universities to provide curriculum, teaching, and opportunities for students.
    • We also teach micro-credential courses online . We can design a course for your interest.
    • Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation.
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    Media Production programs are in demand.

    • Problems: there are few instructors with ...
      • practical/teaching experience,
      • credentials,
      • faith-based commitments,
      • who encourage students to create meaningful content.
    • Toolkit works with Universities and Colleges to ...
      • design curriculum,
      • teach,
      • engage students
      • support for Certificates, Diplomas, Bachelor Degrees, and Masters Degrees.

    Every school is different. We work with your unique and specific needs.
    Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.



    We use the internet to deliver lectures and content.

    This communciation tool keeps us in more regular contact with students than traditional in-person schools.

    Students work independently and submit their creative work online for everyone to see.


    Student learn at their own pace ... ideally.

    They can go as fast or slow as they like through the courses.

    Education needs to fit into students' lives.

    “How can you teach filmmaking/media content online?

    Covid taught us how to do teaching media effectively online.

    Mobile devices are broadcast quality.

    If you can learn with available tools and software, adapting to expensive hardware is just a matter of figuring out the buttons.

    Creativity does not rely on location or time; it is a muscle that needs constant exercise.”



  • About Us

    Toolkit is a collective of media and education professionals dedicated to ...

    • offering a rich, creative education from faith-based perspectives
    • at affordable rates
    • with a committment to student success and employment around the world,
    • while learning from where you need to be,
    • and working with charitable/non-profit organization in degree programs.
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    Murray Stiller, PhD, President

    Filmmaker and professor with 25 years of teaching experience and film credits.

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    Nancy Wing, Director of Operations

    Trained in media production with 20 years of administration, non-profit & corporate development and operations experience.

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    Industry professionals and educators that work one-on-one with students.



    Providence Un/College


    Tyndale University


    Trinity Western University


    Redeemer University

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